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Are you also moved by the nostalgic way of slicing/cutting meat?

The retro-line of Emoi Classics makes it affordable to cut a nice piece of ham in a traditional manner. The ‘volano’ (= slicer in Italian), which originates in Italy, not only cuts with suppleness but is also a feast for the eye. Your guests will gloat over this beautiful machine in your kitchen.

Emoi Classic E300
The Emoi Classic E300 is a very successful Classic Berkel slicer that brims with quality. Italian craftsmen have worked on this new slicer with excellence, passion and enthusiasm. The machine is available in high-gloss black and in deep dark red. It has a built-in grinder. It can be operated manually and can be cleaned easily. It is a slicer for the better cold cuts and dried or smoked hams, and an excellent machine to profile your professionalism and craftsmanship.

The enthusiasts amongst you can also obtain this machine with a knife diameter of 350mm and even 370mm. Available in all RAL colours, with or without flower edge and/or base.


berkel classics

Berkel Classics

The Dutchman Willem van Berkel had invented the world’s first completely automated slicer at the beginning of the previous century. In 1898, the first models of Van Berkel machines were manufactured in the port city of Rotterdam. Nowadays, experienced Italian restaurant owners are among the many users of these beautiful machines. Each model is a real eye catcher and a beautiful addition to the equipment in a private kitchen. Purchasing a Berkel Classic is an investment that retains its value; a splendid machine that slices the most delicate dainties.


Little less conversation

Enough of the small talk, let’s cut to the chase. You want your own classic Berkel slicer. You want it now.


Pick your model, pick your colour. Before you know it, you’ll be slicing in style.



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